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The Dear Lucky Agent Contest!

Guys, guys guess what!? I entered a contest and you should too! The “Dear Lucky Agent” Contest hosted by Writer’s Digest.

Here’s a snippet:


Young adult fiction. The agent judge did not choose to exclude any subgenre, so everything is fair game.


  1. This contest will be live through the end of April 9, 2014, PST. Winners notified by e-mail within approximately three weeks of end of contest. Winners announced on the blog thereafter.
  2. To enter, submit the first 150-200 words of your book. Shorter or longer entries will not be considered. Keep it within word count range please.
  3. You can submit as many times as you wish. You can submit even if you submitted to other contests in the past, but please note that past winners cannot win again. All that said, you are urged to only submit your best work.
  4. The contest is open to everyone of all ages, save those employees, officers and directors of GLA’s publisher, F+W Media, Inc.
  5. By e-mailing your entry, you are submitting an entry for consideration in this contest and thereby agreeing to the terms written here as well as any terms possibly added by me in the “Comments” section of this blog post. (If you have questions or concerns, write me personally at chuck.sambuchino (at) The Gmail account above is for submissions, not questions.)


Top 3 winners all get: 1) A critique of the first 10 double-spaced pages of your work, by your agent judge. 2) A free one-year subscription to ($50 value)!


Go here for the full details!

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Want to see my entry?


Raised in an isolated wood by her secretive Grandmother, Violet wishes nothing more than to learn the truth of her origins, but when she is summoned to the royal court by the ruthless Countess Isaura and forced to wield ancient, deadly magic, finding the truth about herself may cost her everything she is.

First 200 pages:

The wood is a great green dragon, and I am its treasure, greedily hoarded.

The trees are its scales – rough, dark wood, covered in bright leaves. Animals crawl on its back; birds nest in the spaces between scales. The rush of wind through the boughs is its breath, building up from its lungs, made of marshland, moss and silken spider webs. The bite I feel when it exhales is a sign its teeth have grazed me; a warning, to never dare escape its grasp. 

Its heart is the old stone cottage, nestled in the center, where everything and everyone I love resides.

I feel its talons as the fear that claws my heart, fear of what lies beyond the tree-line, where the beast forbids I venture. But sharper by far is the fear that I may never see it, may never be set free.

But its scales are soft, and shimmer in the filtered light above me. The wind carries honeysuckle and juniper, moss and pine and wildflower. The birdsong soothes my restlessness. The wood reclaims my heart. No knight shall ever slay it in my name. I would not permit it, even if such a thing were possible. 

What do you think? Are you going to enter too?

Wish me luck!

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