Review Guidelines


Want me to review your book?

I’m a bit of a slow reader, so I tend to be picky, but my general inclinations are:

 book thoughts

Subjects I Love:

Victorian Fantasy (Gemma Doyle Trilogy)

Gothic (Ashes on the Waves)

Boarding Schools (Vampire Academy, Gemma Doyle)

Reincarnation, Immortality

Not really into zombies, but necromancers are cool. Also I tend to not like werewolf books. At least not as the main paranormal element.

With paranormal, I highly prefer the “outsider falls into paranormal world and is thrilled to finally fit in” kind to the  “popular girl is sucked into paranormal world and is frustrated that it interferes with  gossiping” kind.

No contemporary. The real world is too bland.

No Adult Titles. I prefer YA, and there are still tons of titles I need to get through on my TBR.

No casual sex. It makes me dislike the characters.

No relationships involving three or more people all romantically involved with each other. This is different from a love triangle. Those are fine. Three-way-relationships are not.

No hurting animals. I don’t read to make myself miserable.

“Controversial” issues I’m totally cool with:


Sexual Abuse

Swearing (though if it’s excessive and just for shock value I may downrate)

Disabilities, Mental Illness, etc.

So basically if the book is about a college head cheerleader who is bitten by a werewolf, then teams up with the local pimp who likes to shoot squirrels in his spare time to go forth and kick zombie ass, I’m going to pass.

However, if you’ve written a Gothic Victorian Fantasy set at a boarding school that involves reincarnation, ghosts, witches, vampires (I’ll never be sick of vampires) and a diverse array of characters who must overcome deep emotional struggles? I’m probably there. 🙂

Obviously you’ll find books on my shelves that defy these guidelines, so if you really want to request a review,  go for it! However, I don’t accept ebooks.  Print forever!


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